Author’s Deadline.

As an agented author, I face deadlines. A manuscript is due, not when I ‘feel like’ hanging out with my imaginary characters, but when the publisher says it’s due.

This weekly blog aside, I’ve got a few other non-fiction writing projects that require me to submit articles by a particular day of the month or they don’t get published.

No longer do I write solely because it’s my passion. Others await my work.

And because I desire intended readers to benefit from the message, deadlines are a necessary part of being a writer and I need to be faithful to make the word available on time.

What about the heavenly deadline? The one God established?

Heaven is a reality and Jesus is coming.

Yes, that one.

The difference is, I’m not privy to the date of that particular deadline. No one is. But it doesn’t matter. He’s made it abundantly clear His return is certain and sure.

Consider this verse…

I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse

whose Rider is called Faithful and True.

Revelation 19:11

The inevitability and truth of heaven is good news. Real good news. But it also brings to mind the Author’s deadline.

Have I considered the people in my sphere of influence who might not possess the promise of eternity that I look forward to? Those who are apathetic toward the Author, unaware that His deadline is eminent?

Do I pray with urgency for those in impoverished countries who are in desperate need of God?

The deadline is closing in…

Have I considered ministries that depend on financial assistance to survive, yet my support check goes unsubmitted? 

Still ticking…

This time of year serves up plenty of opportunity to interact with others who need to be made aware of the Author’s deadline. He awaits with immeasurable forbearance, making ready a place for those who accept His free gift of forgiveness. (Romans 6:23) Maybe if I take a moment to glance away from my pumpkin pie or ease the fretful scurrying to beat the crowds or pause the crazy bunches of gift wrapping to incline my ear, I’ll hear the Author’s clock ticking.

Tick, tick, tick…

Are earthly deadlines taking priority over the one that matters most?




How prepared are you to meet the Author’s deadline?

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