Call To Love

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What if saying yes to love means trusting the kind of man you said you’d never marry?

What if pursuing a woman’s heart means restoring a painful past?

About Call to Love

Tracy Cassidy, a fiercely independent ER nurse, must choose between her dream job or staying in her hometown to help support her mother’s faltering ministry. Even if it means risking her heart in love with the kind of man she said she’d never marry.

Why sign up to be Laurelton’s next cop widow?

Tom DeLaney, a hyper-vigilant cop and new hire from Texas, is wearied by years of failed rescue attempts to save his marriage to his ex. A free man, he moves to the foothills of North Carolina. Thing is, he hadn’t expected to fall for Tracy, his supervisor’s sister. But when his adolescent son is diagnosed with a chronic illness, he faces the risk of loving another woman with keep-out issues.

Fears related to the death of Tracy’s cop father and Tom’s inability to forgive the past threaten to sabotage any chance at love.

To trust again means surrender. Will they risk their hearts and answer the call?

What early reviewers have said:

In her debut novel, Mary Felkins offers a story of redeeming love.  From the ashes of poor choices, loss, and brokenness comes the beauty of forgiveness, reconciliation, and life made new.  Soli Deo Gloria. ~Karen Mosteller

I finished reading your novel last night- couldn’t put it down!! What a faith-building and grace-filled process your characters went through! Great job for a first novel. ~Dr. Margaret Eomurian, PhD., Spanish Professor and Program Coordinator, Houston Community College, Department of World Languages


“A well-crafted romance with deeply layered characters and touches of humor. A story about moving beyond loss; choosing forgiveness; and finding the happily-ever-after God has for each of us. A must-read.” ~Lisa Carter, author of His Secret Daughter

“Call to Love is a beautifully written, heartwarming story about the scars left by loss and the healing power of love. Both Tom and Tracy learn to trust God, themselves, and each other to find the one they are truly called to love. I adored this book. It was a emotionally engaging read from beginning to end.”  ~Pattie Frampton, author of Repossessing Christmas.

“Call to Love is a tender story of forgiveness and second chances. Mary writes with wit and wisdom.”  ~Alice J. Wisler, award-winning author of Rain Song.

“A heart-warming story of facing and overcoming some of life’s great struggles. Call to Love hits at the heart of real trials, personal and professional, faced by single parents in nursing and law enforcement service work. Felkins weaves a story that not only deals with the struggles but shows how they can be overcome. Take the call and settle in for a heart-warming read.” ~Sally Jo Pitts, author of And Then Blooms Love.

“Mary Felkins has penned a memorable debut complete with vivid descriptions, relatable characters, and a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Call to Love will stay with you long after the story ends.” ~Kelly Goshorn, award-winning author of A Love Restored.

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