Get to the Margin.

Get to the margin where God does everything. O.S. Chambers

Margin. It’s that line of demarcation or space which separates one thing from another.

Notebook paper and journals have it,

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God’s call for me to get to the margin might be that I find the distinct separation between my role and God’s role.

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I love margins, both real and imagined. They allow for physical and mental breathing room. But if I’m too busy working things out to my own ends, maybe even tossing up a prayer for God to bless or remove circumstances, I have not created margin for Him to enter in and do His thing.

His thing is always for my good and His glory.

A margin mentality is one where I’ve learned to say ‘Yes’ when given opportunity and respond with a confident, guilt-free ‘No’ when necessary.

If I’ve got no mental or physical margin I won’t hear a word God is saying and end up with a heap of guilt I don’t want or need. I’d invite nothing but captivity and exhaustion for having chosen not to live the life of freedom He died to give me.

It is for freedom that Christ set you free (Galatians 5:1)

John the Baptist came to baptize with water, but Jesus would baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire. There were margins within which John stayed, knowing confidently what he’d been called to do and what the One who is more powerful than him was called to do (Matthew 3:11).

I take comfort knowing God is ever-present on either side of life’s margins. Because sometimes…okay, often times… I’m not on the right side of that line and need Him to call me over to a place of rest, to dwell in the outskirts of a particular hardness that’s been engineered for someone else. Because there are plenty of other hard places within the margins He has already ordained for me.

Not too long ago, I’d been living outside His margins and God parted a few seas for me. Speaking engagement dates were pushed back, writing deadlines were adjusted to become less frequent… God had gently breathed life into my lungs, filled them full of His holy Spirit. I felt rest, the awesomeness and necessity of margin.

Rather than the lame break-up line, “I just need some space’, the Lover of my soul pointed his finger between the two of us and said, “We need some space – together – here in the margin I’ve created. Just you and Me.”

I guess this makes me a margin Nazi now. So if I roll my eyes heavenward when asked if I can commit to something, it’s because I’ve run to the margin place to pray about it first. Then I might have to say “No, but thanks for asking.”

And if you look kinda exhausted, I might just invite you to come hang out with me in the margin, that spacious and safe place where God does everything.

Get to the margin where God does everything. O.S. Chambers

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