God is in This Place, Too.

My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.

Exodus 33:14 (NIV)

I’ve started a new job, working as a senior caregiver. It’s just a few hours, one day a week.

My client is an elderly man who’s bedridden, suffering from the progressive effect of Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Sadly, his doting wife is no longer able to care for him. She’s in her early 90’s with fragile health and uses a walker to ambulate. The only two grown daughters live out of town and have had to trade off assisting their mom when able.

This precious couple’s need matches my compassion for the senior adult population, far-too-often neglected and disregarded.

Though unspecified in the contract, the job requires someone with the ability to see the dependent and vulnerable through the eyes of God. It isn’t for the faint of heart. Or for one who’s never changed a diaper – infant or otherwise – and has no intention of doing so.

And an hour in, I became overwhelmed. Hands shaking, beads of sweat sluiced along my back as I hovered over my client, assisting him to rotate to the side…hoping he wouldn’t (good gracious) roll off the side of the bed.

In short order, my own strength had begun to fail, a heart far from rest.

“Lord, this is too much!”

But more often, I kept an internal monologue going, making a mental list of things I believed God would need to know once I left their house. Because I’d forgotten His presence–His Presence–with me in the house and within my very being.

Succumbing to feelings of inadequacy and abandonment or its wicked step-sister, self-reliance, does this.

Had God left?

Certainly not. But His Presence was of no benefit when I hadn’t acknowledged Him and drawn from His unlimited resources, my faithful and omnipresent God who remains unflinching in the face of the Red Sea, splitting it like a zipper.

Scripture is rife with reassurances of His Presence with me. With us. No matter where we go and what we’re doing when we get there, He is there. In fact, He already was.

No matter where we go and what we’re doing when we get there, God is there. In fact, He already was. @MaryAFelkins #author #iwrite #inspirational #FridayFeeling

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Being reminded of His presence by His Presence this week, I receive much-needed rest for my soul.

What about you? In what situations do you need to be reassured of His Presence? 


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