Holy Distancing: The Miracle of the Red Sea

The pillar of cloud came between the armies of Egypt and Israel…neither went near the other all night long. Exodus 14:19-20 (NIV)

Several weeks into this Corona Virus conundrum, I’ll be none-too-happy if I never hear…


High risk.





Hand sanitizer.

Tested positive.

Shelter in place.

Count to twenty.

Limit one, please.

On-going spread.

Temporarily out of stock.

Stay behind the blue line.

Center for Disease Control.

Face masks and disposable gloves.

Essential and non-essential personnel.

Curb-side pickup. (Okay. That’s a wonderful thing!)

Zoom. (how many of these meetings have you attended?)

And, of course, the most oft-repeated phrase of all…social distancing.

No doubt you—like me—long for new and fresh and invigorating words.

This one came to mind…

Enclosed. To be surrounded on all sides.

Now, stay with me a minute. I realize, given our present circumstances, many of us enclosed at home in increasing numbers, that may not offer refreshment. (Believe me, a displaced, college-age ballerina who’s having to endure “class” online in my family room to the direction of her Russian instructor isn’t all fun & games for anyone!)

But a quick trip back to Exodus to re-visit the familiar account of the Israelites famous and their miraculous passage across the Red Sea on dry land gives a magnificent demonstration of God’s holy enclosure.

…so neither went near the other all night long. (vs 20)

Social distancing at its finest!

In all things and in all ways, He is our pillar of cloud, a holy and loving holy Distancer who keeps us from harm.

In all things and in all ways, God is our pillar of cloud, a holy and loving holy Distancer who keeps us from harm. @MaryAFelkins #inspirational #author #socialdistancing #virus #godisfaithful

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God’s eyes are ever on his people. He knows when danger lurks or prowls and seeks to ruin.

The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good. Proverbs 15:3 (NIV)

No matter how difficult or desperate circumstances have become on this planet, we can be sure and certain that God is faithful and purposeful.

He hasn’t sheltered at home, shrinking from our outstretched hand. He’s actively at work, allowing the virus and it’s far-reaching effects to fulfill his good and gracious plan.

Mayhem and desperate times expose what’s in my heart. Never a bad thing for him to allow suffering to shine a megawatt light on the places where I’ve placed my trust.

I pray you revel in being enclosed in the mighty arms of our loving and faithful God.


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