I Love Them, Too.

Make sure there is no root among you that produces such bitter poison. Deuteronomy 29:18b

After dealing with a heart-scraping conflict with another person over nine months ago, I made eye contact again. With hopeful aticipation, I eased oh so carefully into conversation.

Had time healed the other’s wound? To my horror, it hadn’t.

Silly me. Just because I’d chosen to let my boiling rage simmer down, given the situation over to God, and asked Him to bring healing, it didn’t guarantee the other person had done the same. 

Through my eyes, enough time had passed since that senseless quarrel and the conflict was over. But wicked little bitterness minions still lurked in dark shadows. 


See to it that no one misses the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many. Hebrews 12:15

Seemed an unyielded fist was curled around the issue.

Wounds were being licked.

The other heart had not yet moved on. 

Following the initial conflict, my soul begged for peace. So I got to work. That is, I sought God’s face, humbly prayed for restoration and asked that He bless the other person. And time had begun to heal. The blanket of God’s unconditional love brought warmth to the cold places in my heart. MY heart.


And man, if that familiar anger I’d long since put to rest didn’t begin to yawn and stretch, then bubble and hiss again 🙁

Then came that holy shoulder tap and God’s tender voice,

I love her, too.

And the homeless person who reeks of smoke and is addicted to alcohol?

I love him, too.

The incarcerated offender who kinda sorta murdered her husband after a knife stab penetrated too deeply?

Trouble On Both Sides of the Law-3-picmonkey

I love her, too.

The nasty elderly man who was harsh toward his children and whose brain has now become so tangled by Altzheimer’s disease that he can’t utter a kind word even if he wished? 

I love him, too.

Those who’ve refused the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ?

A Death Most Beutiful-8-picmonkey

I love them, too.

God’s love and compassion breaks through all barriers. His love accomplishes what I can’t do and covers a multitude of sins. It heals all wounds and enables me to forgive the offender who can’t–or won’t–ask for it. His love doesn’t shrink back at the stench of a heart ravaged by bitterness. And His love allows me to pray blessing upon blessing upon the unyielded soul.

That saying, ‘Let s bury the hatchet’? I say, good golly, no! Take that thing to the root of bitterness and get rid of them both. Because if God loves them all too, then so must I. 

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