In the Train of a Conqueror.

I am in the train of a conqueror and it does not matter what the difficulties are,

I am always led in triumph.

O. Chambers

I own a pass to ride aboard the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha Railway.


Doing a zippy little mental math, I realized that the train ticket I’d acquired was one hundred years old. 

It was first lawfully issued in that same year to my maternal grandmother, Miss Margaret Caldwell. 

So long as Miss Caldwell possessed the ticket she was free to board the train, fully confident it’d take her where she needed to go.

I’ve had the privilege of riding on several trains, particularly when I traveled to Europe for two weeks one summer in high school. And, along with my husband and our four kids, I enjoyed the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad, an amazing 44-mile round trip from Bryson City, North Carolina to the Nantahala Gorge.


Never once did any of the trains I’ve ridden fail to reach its destination. Nor did I nibble my nails and wonder if the ticket I’d purchased to travel from, say Venice to Rome would somehow land me in Siberia.

In the jumbled mess of today’s world that appears to be imploding, riddled with self-interests, I have to remember that I am a ticket holder in the train of a Conqueror.


As one of the Conqueror’s ticket holders, I’m called to scatter seeds of hope and Truth along the way into the soil of other’s hearts, to those who stand and watch from outside the window, who’ve not been lawfully issued a ticket to board.



But they’re peering in, maybe curious about the train, its conductor, its reliability, its comfort level. And most definitely, its final destination.

There are others who chose to board a different train, one they thought was taking them to a vacay in Venice but was instead, chugging its way into the frozen tundra of Eastern Russia or toward the bubbling and hissing Pacific Islands.

Those selfies should be interesting…

The Conqueror of the victory train I’m in leads me in triumph over evil. Nothing will thwart His travel plans, for God is my hero.

But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ.

2 Corinthians 2:14a

I’m in the train of a Conqueror.

So as the Conqueror treks across the horizon of my life with all of its ridges and valleys, turns and unexpected stops, God is the Victor and I’m more than a conqueror through Him. This is good to know because there are seasons when even the challenge of remembering how to spell conkuer…wait, no, it’s conkerer…um, conqurerorerurer…(head scratch)…is a real doozy.

In this victory train, my arrival is certain and my final destination is a blessed eternity with the train’s Conductor.


As the peaceful murmur of the train whistle sounds to signal its approach, it does make me wonder, are all aboard??

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