Jesus Will See That I Graduate.

Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”

Luke 18:27

So, my understanding is this…

If a student has even one –one- too many unexcused absences, she can’t graduate high school. Or any institution of learning that requires a student to maintain a minimum number of days’ attendance.

Jesus Will See That I Graduate-picmonkey

The days upon days and years upon years of a student’s intense study, having achieved passing  – and maybe even excellent – grades, won’t matter. And the days that she was, in fact, butt-in-chair simply won’t count if the powers that be deem it’s not enough.

Because the matter of attendance, well, matters.

Super bad news for the student caught unaware and suddenly ensnared by attendance guidelines. Or worse, one who thought she’d get away with substandard effort and could avoid tangling with the Nazi guidance counselor who’s probably still harboring anger about having not been chosen for the school play in grammar school.

Bye-bye ‘pomp and circumstance’.

Ah, but God keeps a record of my attendance, too. He remembers the days when I showed up and studied His word, took good notes, and adequately passed His tests. Even those I f-f-f-failed.

Would I graduate? No. Because based on my record, which is replete with excuses for why I occasionally missed class (though I’d candy-coated them as ‘reasons’), I’d be screwed.

When the end of the school year rolls ’round, my sinless, Almighty God could justifiably call me into His office, one flooded with His sinless radiance, and show me my attendance record. He could then shake His head and pronounce final judgment.

“Not graduating, friend. Sorry.”

A weighty pause would hang in the air between us.


I would scoot to the edge of my chair, incline my ear to Him. “Unless what??”

“You could get someone to justify why you were absent.”

My shoulders would droop beneath the weight of worry and hopelessness. Great. I got nothin’. So not graduating.

But then I would hear the heroic voice of my advocate, Jesus Christ the Son, in the presence of the most superior Holy Spirit guidance counselor, speaking to God the Father.

“I’ve got her requirements covered. I’ll see that she graduates.”

God would look upon the blood-stained coverage of His Son over me and nod in agreement with the Spirit. And I’d be promised my diploma, the one from All Things Possible High.

Jesus Will Assure That I Graduate-2-picmonkey

Although I don’t attend God’s wisdom literature classes daily as I should or occasionally show up dragging my not-yet-caffeinated and disengaged brain into the classroom, Jesus has done the impossible, that which I can’t do. He’s assured that I’ll graduate.

Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” Luke 18:27

With honors.

Because you are precious and honored in my sight… Isaiah 43:4a

Hark! What’s that delightful tune I hear resonating from within yon auditorium? Why, it’s the commencement of ‘pomp and circumstance’ to usher in the graduates.

And I mustn’t be late for the grand procession.

Are you in the line-up?

Before The Throne of God Above, by Selah. Should be oh so reassuring to a fearful graduate.

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