(Only) Room For Two.

But when you pray, go into your room, close the door 

and pray to your Father, who is unseen…” Matthew 6:6.

“Want me to book you a studio suite?”

“Sounds perfect.”

My husband tapped the keyboard. “One week or two?”

Like a kid with a bowl of M&M’s I didn’t hesitate to grab more. “Two.”

Mighty bright

Mighty bright

Ah, Orlando, Florida, at last.

A quiet writing environment. I traipsed through the resort parking garage with my luggage, took the elevator to the seventh floor, and slipped the key card into the slot. Backside against the studio suite door, I pushed it open and…huh?

“Where the heck’s the rest of the place? I’ve driven a long while, ate far too many Veggie Straws, drank a few too many Coke Zeros to stay awake for this.”

Kinda small. Only room enough for one. Or two, so long as the other person was dead.

“Such a tiny little refrigerator. Not enough freezer space for even one pint of ice cream.”

Fine. Don’t really need the 64 grams of fat.

“No stove for cooking? No dishwasher?”

I quickly anchored my thoughts to the Truth before they drifted off to sea, sank my ship of dreams.

“Okay, Self. Calm thyself. This is what God’s provided. And this is good. So let’s figure this out.”

When I ceased my self-absorbed fretting the Lord opened my eyes to see Him standing there. He’d been waiting to receive me – while simultaneously propping my eyelids on the nine hour drive down. His presence enlarged the tiny floor plan, set the walls back.

“Here beside the window next to your bed  I’ll kiss you ‘good morning’ with the warm sunshine, the light of my Word. I’ve set up a tiny little table on which to rest your Bible. There we can chat. And then we’ll get to work on that novel. That is why you came?”

Join me, Lord?

Join me, Lord?

“Yes, Lord it is.” Go on, Author of authors. I’m listening.

“Such an ideal size when it comes to cleaning.”

“Yes Lord it is, but…”

“Having an abundance of fresh towels nice? Housekeeping service to fluff your pillows, straighten your bed?”

“Love it.”

“I know you’re a fan of exceptional lighting, a ‘must have’ in order to assure a rich and effective writing environment.”

I tossed a glance out the window, squinting at radiance of sunlight across an expansive lake that flooded the room.

“Sunny Florida. A suitable location?”

“Perfect. Thanks.” I smiled my gratitude, stretching the under-worked cheek muscle a bit.

I wandered to the  kitchenette, opened the tiny little cabinet. “Could use a few more dishes here.”

Ah. So few dishes.

Ah. So few dishes.

“You’re asking for more dishes to wash?”

“But there are only two of everything…two plates, two cups.”

He took the cup. “Then may I join you?”

“Yes. I’d like that.”

“So really you just think you need more.”

I turned from His penetrating stare, shutting the cabinet. “Guilty.”

“So did Eve. And we know how that turned out.”

In this tiny little space with only room enough for two, I sat comfortably beside a floor to ceiling window. Like a picture frame, it held the ribboned



edges of rising eastern sun in the morning. Ambient warmth washed into the room each afternoon. Sunlight hung overhead beneath an azure sky, its brilliance lingering long after it began a western descent.

God illuminated my mind, my spirit, my soul, inviting me to think, to consider, to create. To pray.

I’ve stood at the rim of the Grand Canyon and sucked in a breath at first view of its immensity,

I’ve gazed high upon distant Rocky Mountains that proclaimed His strength.

I’ve peered down from an elevation of nearly 5000 feet into the mouth of Linville Gorge in the Pisgah forest of North Carolina.

I’ve glanced out over the glassy surface of the vast, and boundless Atlantic Ocean while gliding along in a cruise ship.

And found the Lord to be unmeasurable.

But in my tiny little studio suite I discovered that the magnificence of God can just as readily fill tiny places. There’s an intimacy that occurs when sitting in tight quarters in the presence of the One who created those immense, breathtaking, and boundless places.

So when He called me to a tiny place with only room enough for two it was a good thing. It was enough. Maybe I was due to be reminded of what I really don’t need.

“…close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. 

Then your father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.” Matthew 6:6