Praying for ‘Poof!’…Because It Isn’t Incurable.

If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer. Matthew 21:22

The past two weeks brought three friends to my attention who are dealing with health issues. One reported three suspicious cysts following a mammogram. This saucy, prayer warrior-princess was quick to report that she has neither the time, the energy, nor the resources to deal with this. Therefore, she boldly asked for prayer that God would make them vanish.


Because she knows He can.

Praying for Poof!-picmonkey-3

He is limitless.

He doesn’t succumb to man’s assessment that something has been deemed incurable.

Jesus replied, “What is impossible with men is possible with God.” Luke 18:27

Another friend has breast cancer. Following several more rounds of chemo, she’ll undergo reconstructive surgery. Prognosis is good. So a hearty yay to that. But the question that clangs in my brain is, will God choose to remove each and every mutated cell in her body, make it cancer-free? I need not scratch my head and wonder. I must ask that He will. I must pray for ‘poof!’ Because it isn’t incurable.

And still another friend found herself succumbing to the agony of a dismal medical report regarding her husband’s Parkinson’s disease. Seems she’d caved to a ‘not going to get any better’ way of thinking, as if this pleased God to flip her palms to the heavens and surrender with something of an, “Oh, well, Lord, You know best”. Parkinson’s Disease is, after all, incurable.

But it isn’t.

The Lord stirred my friend’s spirit, nudged her awake from a disastrous resignation. Instead, she’s chosen to fight in prayer for her husband’s complete healing.

I'm all in!

I’m all in!

I’ve since joined her in praying for a ‘Poof’ to Parkinson’s.

I must ask – without doubting – that God accomplish that which is impossible.

Jesus replied, “What is impossible with men is possible with God.” Luke 18:27 

Incurables aren’t to be viewed with a defeated shrug saying ‘That’s just the way it is’. Because nothing is incurable or impossible or implausible or unattainable or ‘not gonna happen’ unless God proclaims it so.

But hey, just a cotton-pickin’ minute. Doesn’t that make God out to be some kind of righteous magician or a holy vending machine? Unequivocally, no. Never has been nor ever will be.

With God all things are possible. No magic about it.

With God all things are possible. No magic about it.

If I reach the end of a particular prayer journey and find no ‘poof!’ well, then, He’d only withheld a ‘poof!’ for the sake of His glory.

I can rest in that.

So long as I have eternity in mind when I petition for a ‘poof!’, then, quite literally, scripture promises I’ll receive what I ask:

You do not have because you do not ask God. When you ask you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.

James 4:2b-3

I’d better get a move on and humbly, yet boldly, summon the Physician ‘cause I’ve got a slew of peeps who could sure use a bit of ‘poof!’

I’m believing you do, too.