(Sometimes) It’s Rude To Interrupt.

A friend texted me with a powerful portion of her morning’s devotion:

“Don’t ever try to ease the discomfort of someone who the Holy Spirit is trying to make uncomfortable.”

In other words, don’t interrupt.

One time – and only once – I blasted into the living room, found my parents sitting at opposite ends of the sofa. Being a scenario that deviated from the usual chairs-scooted-close-while-chatting-nicely-in-the-family- room, I should have paused. Instead, I disregarded the tension in the air and, with fists anchored at my hips. made my need known.

“Mom? Dad? I…”

They fired back, “You interrupted.”

Duly silenced, I exited the room until a more opportune time. And learned ever after that it’s rude to interrupt.

So I don’t.

I just need to apply that social grace when the Holy Spirit is speaking into someone’s life…

When my voice shouts over the Spirit’s, it hinders their ability to hear Him. If I speak through a megaphone – while directing a Pharisaical flood light the size of a football stadium at other’s shortcomings – it muffles God’s message.

“Don’t ever try to ease the discomfort of someone who the Holy Spirit is trying to make uncomfortable.”

The Lord engineers circumstances to allow for discomfort. It would be a wrong move to interrupt. Why? He uses discomfort to create a need for Him.

But let’s get real. The command to remain silent while those I care about become increasingly uncomfortable is a tough one.

Its Rude To Interrupt-2-picmonkey

God, Himself, interrupted. If He hadn’t hollered at Abraham from the heavens when he raised a knife over the chest of his one and only son Isaac, I’d have no Jesus (Genesis 22:11-12). So thankful God interrupted. Nothing rude about it.

If someone was in danger, then I’d interrupt.

If I was in danger, then I’d interrupt.

And if someone was using God’s name for target practice, then, yeah, I’d interrupt.

Otherwise, it’s just rude. Maybe even destructive.

God always knew when to speak and when to be silent.

Its Rude To Interrupt-4-picmonkey

And Job was righteously silenced.

“I put my hand over my mouth…I will say no more.” Job 40:4b-5

So sometimes, in order that the Spirit be heard,

Shush! Let the Spirit speak.

Shush! Let the Spirit speak.

it’s wise to press a finger to my lips with a librarian-like gesture and let the Spirit speak.

Because there’s a right time for shush-ing, allowing God to create discomfort in others. And sometimes it’s just rude – maybe even harmful – to interrupt.

How’s about a Knock-Knock joke for remembering to keep quiet?

ME: Knock, knock.

YOU: Who’s there?

ME: (sly grin) Interrupting cow.

YOU: (hesitantly, with furrowed brow) Interrupting cow…

ME: Moo!!

YOU: Okay, seriously lame, but I get the point.

ME: Fabulous 🙂