Stand By.

I am coming soon. Revelation 3:11a

I’d texted a cop friend of mine, asking if she’d conduct a little investigative magic around headquarters and determine what brand and scent of lip balm a mutual friend uses so I could include it with her birthday gift.

#coplingo 🙂 

I glanced at her text. My first thought was, ‘So, how long? Like seconds, minutes? The end of the shift? Dare I text and ask?’

Our friend’s birthday was still five days out. Surely I’d hear back before then. 

Within two minutes, I received a blessed answer.

On the matter of time, a glorious day is coming when Jesus’ will make His triumphant return to earth, the Rider on a white horse (Revelation 19:11).

“When? When?” you might beg. I have. And still do.

I am coming soon. Revelation 3:11a

For Apostle John, who received God’s revelation while exiled on the Isle of Patmos, this Spirit-breathed promise had to sound terrific. 

I am coming soon. Revelation 3:11a 

God said it Himself. It’s printed right here in my Bible in black ink.


Let the grumbling and finger tapping begin…

Hold up. 

God’s apparent delay doesn’t change the truth. He is trustworthy and will keep His promises. He’s not like those parents (you know the ones), who’ve lied to a whining and impatient child in the back seat of a car while driving to Disney World. The kid whose petulant inquiry about when they’ll arrive coaxes a little white parental lie if only to hush the child up….

“Soon, kid. We’ll be there soon.”

I am coming soon. Revelation 3:11a

Clearly, God’s ‘soon’ and my ‘soon’ differ. 

In essence, He has said —and says— Stand by. 

Until that day, I’m to make good use of the time He’s given.

 Be very careful, then, how you live — not as unwise but as wise,

making the most of every opportunity.

Ephesians 5:16

So stand by, y’all. He’s coming. Soon.

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