The Black and the White Coffee Pots.

This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. 

There is no difference. 

Romans 3:22

One very powerful lesson I learned from the Love and Respect marriage conference several years ago was that in many cases, it isn’t about who’s right and who’s wrong; we’re just different.

In fact, I found this bit of wisdom helpful in relating to all of God’s people.

Such as with the issue of caffeine.

Seriously, if I’m going to drink a 10-cup pot (yes, I do), it’s not going to be fully caffeinated or I’d be spinning in circles faster than an F-5 tornado – and create at least as much destruction. As for all those other people in my household, they prefer their coffee fully leaded.

“Mom, why even bother drinking coffee if it’s not caffeinated?”

While I could summon my inner Dietitian and bring the hammer down about the health hazards of too much caffeine, I shan’t. Because one of us isn’t right or wrong. We’re just different.

Yet, this does pose a bit of a challenge in our house. I mean, how would one who reached for their caffeinated brew know whether or not the coffee was, indeed, caffeinated? And how could I be sure that I was truly chugging the decaf (short of experiencing stroke-like symptoms and the shakes)?

Simple solution:

“If the handle of the coffee pot is white, it’s decaf. If it’s black, it’s caffeinated.”

The Black Coffee Pot and the White Coffee Pot-2-picmonkey

No reason they couldn’t both co-exist peacefully within the same kitchen, doing what they were created to do, bringing joy to the consumer.

The Black Coffe pot and the White Coffee Pot-picmonkey

After all, the black and the white coffee pots share the same coffee maker.

I must say, accepting our differences has worked beautifully.

Why? Because, despite their outward appearance, there is no superior of the two. They’re both coffee. Neither is right or wrong or deemed of greater value than the other.

At the heart of the coffee issue, there is no difference.

Heck, I could even pour some coffee from the black carafe on those mornings when my sleepy lids just won’t stay propped open as I attempt to tap with accuracy at the keyboard. And others could enjoy some of my brew if they desired the taste of coffee in the afternoon without fear of losing a good night’s rest.

The black and the white are wholly fragrant and inviting. Perhaps it’s because neither has chosen to become persuaded by the falsehood that one should rise up against the other and declare war, wielding posters of protest and jagged-edged chants:

“Caffeine rules!”

“Decaf matters!”

Maybe they see no difference between them.

The Black Coffee Pot and the White Coffee Pot-3-picmonkey

I believe that’s a good thing, a really good thing.

And you know, I’m feeling a lazy yawn rising up from within me, so I’ll need to reach for the black coffee pot. Because my faith in Christ has allowed me to see great value in it.

The Black and the White Coffee Pots-4-picmonkey

A mighty big ‘thank heavens’ to that! Otherwise, I’d have been fooled into thinking there was something dreadfully wrong with my skin color, too 🙁