The Courage to be a Threat.

The enemy is furious because he knows his time is short.

Revelation 12:12

One of my rock star prayer warrior mommas lost her 23-year-old son last week. For many years, he’d struggled with drug addiction. Such a deep, dark and lonely place – both for her and her husband, and their son. When things were going well, her son spoke of his faith in God, his desire to serve Him, to be a voice of truth to those tangled in the web of addiction. He had a musical talent, a love for life, and was on the narrow road to pursue the God-sized dreams he held in his heart. But now he’s gone, the fire of his pursuits snuffed out.

Just this morning, as I was staring at his photo, tears slipped down my cheeks. And very distinctly, I heard the Spirit’s whisper. He was a threat.

Satan sinks his teeth into the pro-active, Jesus loving souls like they were marinated steaks and refuses to let go. No doubt, the fruit of this young man’s life posed too great a threat.

The enemy is furious because he knows his time is short. Revelation 12:12

Which begs the question… If I knew my obedience in a matter would stir the powers of hell, incite Satan and his minions to turn attention my way, to invite sadness, loss, depression, unspeakable grief, would I still do it?

In my present circumstances, am I submitting myself to God’s authority such that Satan is threatened by me? 

If my life doesn’t pose a threat to the Evil one, I believe it should. It really should.

I’ve no reason to feel threatened by the Wal-Mart cashier unless she starts to take the things I’ve purchased with my money and claim them for herself. In which case, we’ll have ourselves a little problem.

Likewise, since I belong to Christ, bought with the price of His blood (I Corinthians 6:19b-20 ~ You are not your own; you were bought at a price), He protects me with His angel armies when Satan and his substandard army goes after me with their evil desire to kill, steal, and destroy. Because that’s just what bad guys do. Particularly when threatened.

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