The Young Man Who Really Saw the Show.

“The Lord has done this and it is marvelous in our eyes.” Psalm 118:23

Once upon a recent time a young man was granted the privilege of seeing his younger sister perform in The Nutcracker ballet. Trouble was that her performance date conflicted with a mandatory obligation elsewhere. But God entered in, created a place for the young man in the auditorium that evening. A holy agenda at work.

Nutcracker 2013 Clara

His sister’s radiant smile, eyes sparkling beneath layered make-up, was for her brother. She must have known he was watching. Really watching this time.

Scooching forward in his seat the young man’s eyes were pinned on her as if intoxicated. But tears? Coming from a 21 year old? Perhaps he’d never seen her dance. Nope. This was the fourth consecutive Nutcracker ballet, including a coveted principal role of Clara, a “Family flown in from Texas to watch”-sized big deal.

But this performance? “It brought tears to my eyes,” he noted.

Hmmm. Had his sister’s skills improved that significantly over the past three years? Was it the impressive set? The live orchestra? What did he see this time that moved him so? He saw the show. Really saw the show.

            “It makes a difference when you’re sober.”

Sober of heart, mind and body. The invisible work of the Spirit of God had lavished him with grace and love and opened his eyes to see, his blindness removed. Free from a dependence on toxic chemicals, the young man saw the show. For the first time, he really saw the show.

I am learning that some of God’s gifts can’t be wrapped, tied with string, and placed beneath a Christmas tree.