Those Three Little Words.

Praise the Lord, O my soul…Praise the Lord, O my soul… Psalm 103:1a, 2a

Preachers often deliver their message in what is often referred to as a three-point sermon. I’ve wondered, though. How would a three-WORD sermon sound? Maybe something like…

Do not fret.

Partner with God.

God is love.

You are mine.

Praise the Lord.

Rest in Him.

Pray without ceasing.

It takes time.

Turn your cheek.

Don’t lose heart.

Man and woman.

Honor your parents.

Respond with kindness.

Love your neighbor.

He is risen!

Share the gospel.

Overlook an insult.

Fear the Lord.

Trust in Jesus.

Read His Word.

Well worn Bible-picmonkey

There are those three little words that make me sMiLe… 🙂

I love Lucy.

The Brady Bunch.

Donny and Marie.

Steak with mushrooms.

Potato with everything.

Seasoned French fries.

Two scoops, please.

Blue Ridge Parkway.

Lone Star flag.

The Grand Canyon.

Keep the change.

Sugar maple trees.

Those Three Little Words-4-picmonkey

New fallen snow.

Hot brewed coffee.

Warm yeast rolls.

Baked fresh daily.

Justice for all.

Brothers and sisters.

Father and son.

Mother and daughter.

Ballerina on pointe.

Diet Dr. Pepper.

And those that inspire and embolden me…

The sacrificial Lamb.

It is finished.

Still Vertical-4-picmonkey

Holy, holy, holy!

His unfailing love.

Father, forgive them.

I forgive you.

I needed that.

In the beginning.

O come, Emmanuel.

Don’t give up!

Three Little Words-2-picmonkey

God is good.

Yes, you can!

Or remind me…

Feed the dog.

Water the plants.

Mind my manners.

Call my Dad.

Turn off technology.

Write that letter.

Pay my taxes.

Watch my speed.

Those Three Little Words-picmonkey 2

Say thank you.

Say I’m sorry.

Just say no.

Speak with respect.

Bite my tongue.

Make the time.

Visit the elderly.

Let it go.

Pray for others.

Of course, there are those that make me swoon…

A white horse.

Those Three Little Words-3-picmonkey

Google images

I love you.

I missed you.

Hey there, beautiful.

A moonlit night.

Happily ever after.

And those that scare the life out of me…

Lights and sirens.

Hickory Police Department.

Poison Control Center.

Nine-One-One (911).

Here comes trouble.

No longer useful.

Mom, I need…

Can we talk?

Oh, and just so you know, I am…

at the beach,

Three Little Words-picmonkey

beneath sunny skies,

loving every minute!

Curious. What are your three little words?