Who’s My Best Present?

A trip through the aisles of a craft store several months ago had me convinced someone plucked December from the calendar and planted it in September. Decorative garlands and trinkets of green, red, and gold flashed off the shelves, hundreds of ornaments dangled against display boards, and nutcrackers stood sentry in center islands.

It set off a mental madness with somewhat of a robotic cadence, “Christmas has descended. Must find presents for my people.”

Each year I’ve faced the same challenge, to slow down and consider eternity when I shop. To ponder whether or not the presents I purchase will be valued or, sadly, find an undesirable end at a yard sale, tossed into a cardboard box labeled, ‘Make best offer’.

Still, with gift idea list in hand, I’ve allowed my brain to become revved up like a turbo-charged engine and purchased stuff to give others. Then the Lord calls to mind those words written to me by an older sister just inside the front cover of my fav devo, a burgundy, hardbound copy of Oswald Chambers’s, My Utmost For His Highest:

Oswald Chambers devo cover

You were the best present Mom and Dad ever gave me

When I first read it, I had somewhat of a Charlie Brown moment, my face flushing warm: “Me? A present? Wait, better. A best present?”

Google images- peanuts.wikia.com

Google images- peanuts.wikia.com

I already knew that the wages of sin was (and is) death and that the free gift of God was (and is) eternal life (Romans 6:23).

And I knew that God had loved me to death, death on a cross.

Who's My Best Present-3-picmonkey

You were the best present Mom and Dad ever gave me

Not one pithy or prudent statement in Oswald’s entire collection compares to the knowledge that I was valued, that my very existence had been someone else’s gift.

Just imagine what good that did my heart.

For many – maybe even most – the idea of people as presents might disquiet their soul. Their “people wounds” are hidden and run way too deep.

The following profound statement has kept my heart anchored to eternity:

Two things last forever, God’s Word and God’s people. 

One you have and one you are. Invest in both

Author unknown

Simple concept. The Word of God, His people. They’re precious gifts. And they last. But all that stuff I purchase and wrap and give won’t.

God’s gift to mankind was a perfect offering on a starlit 

Who's My Best Present-2-picmonkey

The Saviour had come down, made Himself

Who's My Best Present?-picmonkey

I took another glance at my Christmas gift list…

~Who’s my best present?

~Is there someone whose heart needs to know – before year’s end – I consider them my best present?

~Who might value an affirming word from me more than a new tie, cologne gift set, or Matchbox car?

I’m pretty sure a gift like that won’t be discarded into a cardboard box and sold for next to nothing at next spring’s yard sale.

Merry Christmas! That’s right. Not an all inclusive, vague ‘Happy Holidays’ greeting, but a very hearty and unashamed Merry Christmas to you all 🙂