The Heart of Moreland Manor

Contemporary Romance Series

What if an abandoned manor house restores its owner?

Book #1 You Are the Reason

When reluctant heiress Everley Scott embraces her abandoned inheritance, it might just ignite the dreamer in her. If Momma’s matchmaking tactic—set in motion months before she died—is successful, Everley’s frozen heart will thaw and she’ll receive the historic treasure and its capable contractor.

Book #2 Sweeter With You

When a spirited bakery shop owner teams up with a cupcake baking defensive end who’s one concussion away from a career-ending injury, will their combined strengths lead to everlasting love? Or will stubborn hearts get crushed in the effort to save the bakery?

Book #3 When You Smile For Me

What if a disillusioned professional model rescues the man she hires to keep her safe?