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Foot Watching.

“Where you go I will go…” Ruth 1:16 (NIV)

It’s said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks (to which I disagree), but who knew you could learn new tricks from an old dog?

Case in point…

Our beloved 14-year-old Fox Terrier, Dottie, expends a good deal of energy concentrating on our feet. The ritual begins each morning as breakfast is being prepared.

I realize she’s after food—hoping only for her favorites—but the intensity with which she watches and waits is impressive.

If you own a dog you know how this goes.

What if I watched the feet of Jesus the same way?

If He traveled to hard places would I follow along? What if He dropped food I dislike? Would I hesitate and glance around, seeking an easier road?

After all, His feet look a little dusty and worn. Scarred, even.

Not the look of One Who’s enjoying a self-indulgent vacation.

No  matter the difficulty, do I keep close watch on His feet, refusing to travel on my own, moving toward the exit only at His direction?

Or inch away to seek relief apart from Him?

Foot watching is painful business. I must remain resolute.

Those who sign up to follow Jesus wherever He goes will reap joyous reward, acquire strength to endure, and develop a sweet fragrance produced only during the dark shadows of night.

Unflinching foot watching requires a steely determination to disregard the enemy’s shrill whistle, hailing me to come his way, and trust God when I’ve begged for a road map, but He’s given me more of His presence instead. 

Dottie’s reason for foot watching isn’t limited to food acquisition. Loyalty is built into her DNA. If I rise from my office chair where she rests near—yes—my feet, then travel through the kitchen, past the laundry room, and into the bedroom, she’s at my heels.

If I stop, she stops. If I go, she goes.

Ever foot-watching.

Pity the old canine who faithfully follows the feet of one who, blast it, can’t remember what she needed in the bedroom!

…and once that same someone suddenly recalls the reason for leaving her office and repeats the trek through the house, her faithful little doggy keeps in step.

Despite the exhaustion of walking in what might seem to be needless or monotonous circles, would I keep at it if Jesus was leading the way?

Do I trust He’s achieving a holy purpose in the journey regardless of whether or not I can discern good reason for it?

How long before I tire of Jesus foot-watching and follow my own way?

And where does that get me?




Lost. Very.

In this world, Jesus’ feet aren’t the only pair available to follow. But they’re the only ones that lead to freedom.

How closely do you follow the feet of Jesus? No matter where He takes you?

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