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No Ballerinas in Heaven.

What marvelous love the Father has extended to us!

Just look at it—we’re called children of God! That’s who we really are. I John 3:1 (The Message)

One of my daughters is mid-way through a 5-week summer intensive ballet program. The motivation to push through has began to weaken due to chronic pain in her foot. 

Thoughts of quitting surfaced, followed by…

what am i without ballet though

NOTE: Adolescent texts are replete with grammatical error.

Her question reminded me of one of my upcoming heroes. Owen Walker is an NFL defensive end who’s known nothing but football all his life. His father is a former NFL player who’s etched the lie into Owen’s mind, “Walkers play football. That’s what we do.” Despite being one concussion away from career-ending injury, Owen lets it define who he is. Off the field is a frightening place for a guy who believes you are what you do.

And without ballet, what is a ballerina?

Scripture to the rescue.

The Message version about who we are leaves no room for interpretation.

Just look at it—we’re called children of God! That’s who we really are. I John 3:1

The NIV reads, And that is what we are!

Children of God is who and what we are.

Track with me for a minute…

I have a BS degree in nutrition and a master’s in nutrition. (I like food)

I’m married with four kids.

I serve in various ministries in our church.

I’ve written an inspirational romance novel that’ll release end of the year.

So what am I? Who am I? A nutritionist? A wife? A mom? A church lady? An author?

None of the above.

By sovereign design, my roles, skills, and willingness have placed me on various mission fields where, to date, I’ve always encountered at least one soul who needed the hope of God.

Heck, if ever a call went out for professional Coke Zero drinkers, the gas station up the road is ripe with opportunity to minister to those cheerless attendants. Good for me it takes multiple runs for Coke Zero before any one of them opens up about things of God. 😉

When I reach eternity, there’ll be nothing left of my profession. Credentials behind my name will have dropped. I won’t be a wife, a mom, or an author. Or a ballerina. (like the two weeks of ballet I took for a Girl Scout badge counted for professional dancer status anyway)

God will welcome me based purely on my faith in Jesus Christ. 

Because I am His child.

That’s who I really am, both now and forever.

And that’s who you really are.

When He appears, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is. I John 3:2 (NIV)

Going out on a limb here, but I’m guessing God isn’t going to appear in the end as a ballet dancer–though we’ll all be dancing up a storm of celebration!!

How have you struggled with the question, Who am I? What am I? Anyone in your mission field who needs to know the love of God?

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