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Praying for the Seeds

The seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it. This is the one who produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.” Matthew 13:23 NIV

Now that the flurry of Christmas activity is behind me, thus begins the inevitable process of returns.

Overpurchased items.

Doesn’t fit.

Not the preferred style.

Wrong item.

Substandard quality.

I’ve become especially adept at following package returns via tracking numbers and checking our bank account to ensure the credit comes through—a blessing in this digitized, techno, “there’s an app for that” world.

Which got me wondering …

What if the seeds of the word of God we’ve sown in people's lives could be tracked?

Lately, I’ve been contemplating many of those seeds, observing the lives of those who are the object of my seed scattering. Those fields are looking a bit arid and fruitless.

“Lord, I don’t see the crop that’s expected when the seed—the message of the kingdom (vs 18)—falls on good soil. What happened to them? Were they snatched by the birds? Did they fail to develop deep roots? Were they choked by worries or wealth?”

Have you’ve wondered the same?

But let's not let the lack of external evidence cause choking worries of our own. Because once we’ve faithfully sowed the word of God, the seed’s destination is determined by the Farmer who keeps close eye on them … tracking their journey.

Crop or no crop, we must keep an eye out with the heart of the prodigal son’s father (Luke 15:20)and persist in prayer with the fervency of the widow seeking justice for her sons, her repetitive petitions eventually wearing that ole' judge down. (Luke 18:1-5)

This new year, let’s bring our desires for the seed of the word of God to develop strong root in the hearts of those we love—and in our own. Those intended seed recipients may be making observations of their own.

Are we exhibiting the irresistible fruit of the Spirit?

Is the Farmer as trustworthy, good, and loving as we’ve alleged?

May those seeds wrestle well against choking worries and break through the hard soil to the Light.

Thanks for reading!

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