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When I Removed My Wedding Ring…

You are privileged to be in union with Christ, who is in union with God. I Corinthians 3:23 (NIV)

After the arduous work of submitting a book proposal to an agent, I rewarded myself with new paint color in my office. The pomegranate red I’d selected years ago to coordinate with homemade window treatments no longer brought joy.

Tasteful, yes, but as a backdrop to an equally dark red sofa, it’d begun to darken my mood.

Who has margin for emotional darkness in the midst of a pandemic? Hence, the desire for refreshingly clean and bright, almond cream paint.

A little bit of furniture rearrangement, an end table to deliver pleasant lamplight in a formerly shadowed corner, and I’m enjoying a much-needed cheery, cozy workspace.

But before I started painting, I’d made the rare decision to remove my wedding ring in order to spare the precious stones and gold band from unsightly paint flecks.

All fine. Until I’d gone out for groceries and became deeply aware of my ringless left hand.

Everything in me wanted to point to my bare finger and proclaim, “To whom it may concern, I am married. I belong to someone. I’m loved by my husband.”

Not that I was at risk for being propositioned but, the disquiet that’d settled over me caused me to wonder…

Why am I not overtaken by the urge to proclaim the same of Jesus? To assure people know the name of my Bridegroom to whom I belong?

I’m privileged to be in union with the Creator of the universe. He is my husband and I am his bride. He’s coming for me one day, the rider on a white horse. (I Corinthians 3:23, Isaiah 54:5, Revelation 19:11, NIV)

The stuff of breathlessly inspirational romance novels. ♥️

What if the uneasiness I felt without my wedding ring stirred the same concern to let others know about Jesus, the lover of my soul?

Married or unmarried, ring or no ring, I belong to Christ.

I’m taken.

May we always feel as a uncomfortable as a bride without a ring, yet moved to proclaim our inseparable union with Christ to a world scrounging for crumbs of hope. #pandemic #coronavirus

Join me in making introduction to the Bridegroom! (John 3:29)


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