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Clearing My History.

Forget about what’s happened; don’t keep going over old history.

Isaiah 43:18 (The Msg)

I’ve just endured an extensive website overhaul.

Prior to my website going ‘live’, I was previewing the various pages, scanning for errors, etc. During, yet, another preview episode, what I saw on the screen differed from what my web designer saw.

She puzzled over the techno glitch, then said, “I suggest you go in and clear your history.”

A knot tightened inside my chest.

Clear my history? Felt like that time I’d burned old journals. Once gone, gone.

Concerns pecked inside my brain as I edged my eyes toward the tool bar.

Geez, what about all that old data?

I found the word History, clicked on it. Interestingly, the unsettling Clear History option appeared at the very bottom of a lengthy drop-down

window, looking much like it should be one’s last resort.

Naturally. Even the computer didn’t want me to be so readily rid of my past.

How can I not look back at my history?

Exactly. Not look back.

Speaking to my web designer, I’m sure I stuttered as my cursor hovered over the menacing prompt. “So, you m-mean, literally wipe it out?”


With one click, I did. History erased. And, wallah! Techno glitch problem solved.

Recorded history is awesome. Praises to Thomas Edison who took pains to record his notes as he labored over the creation of an incandescent light bulb.

And of course, there’s the Bible. This historical record tells me Who God is (Exodus 20:2a), why He came and what it cost Him (Romans 3:23, 8:32a) and how much He loved and loves me (John 3:16, Romans 5:8). And assures me that nothing can separate me from His love (Romans 8:39).

But sometimes old history becomes baggage. Mine had.

While I’m thankful to have journal entries, scrapbooks, home movies, and photos to refer to, I also have messages and memories in my mental history that the Lord has…

1) (ahem) painstakingly cleared on the cross


2) prompted me to clear, as well

My History drop down window might appear something like this:

The time(s) I failed to do what was expected.

The time(s) I chose to go against the Holy Spirit’s direction.

The time(s) I indulged in my flesh anyway.

The time(s) I refused forward motion.

The time(s) I allowed fear to cripple.

The time(s) I took the reins of someone else’s horse.

The time(s) I remained silent when a shout of indignation was in order.

The time(s) I shouted indignation when remaining silent was in order.

The time(s) I allowed the enemy easy access to my heart, mind and home when his demons have no legal right to enter.

To this dreadful and accusing history, I say,

Click. Delete.

I can almost hear a delightful swish sound within the limitless space of heaven. Like dumping unwanted documents inside that, small but mighty, trashcan icon on my laptop 🙂

Why be more faithful to hauling the city’s hefty, green roll-out container down to the curb each week so they can destroy my unwanted trash than I am of dumping (every day) the rotting trash in my conscience?

My record in Christ is clear. His blood was enough.

It is finished, a weary, but triumphant Jesus proclaimed, struggling through His final breaths before He gave up His spirit (John 19:30b).

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