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Jesus Wants More Than Coffee.

In my upcoming novel, Call to Love, (releases November 15, 2019) there’s a scene where the heroine, Tracy Cassidy, accepts an invite from the hero, Tom DeLaney.

In her mind, Tracy considers this a ‘non-date’ date because, really, all they’re doing is sharing a common beverage, keeping things casual and non-threatening.

Neither Tracy nor Tom is willing to risk their heart in love, despite undeniable, swoon-worthy attraction.

If Tom had said, “Want to have dinner with me?” she would have suddenly become overwhelmed by all the things on her to-do list.

But coffee? No big cost to either of them.

I’ve agreed to meet with people at coffee shops who admitted they don’t even drink coffee -effectively snapping in two the little bit of connection we’d had.

A few weeks after Tracy and Tom ‘grab coffee’, they engage in what she refers to as an official date where they sit down and eat a meal together.

At that point, the transition from coffee to food, necessitating the use of flatware, deepens the level of intimacy and seals something in their hearts.

If you’re curious about how their official date turned out, you’ll have to read the book. 🙂 But let’s just say, sharing of an official meal at an official restaurant with official flatware does not guarantee absence of heated argument.

But back to coffee…

Maintaining a relationship where we merely ‘meet for coffee’ keeps my vulnerable heart in a virtual safe place, distanced from becoming too involved, too committed.

Crushed, disillusioned, overwhelmed.

You pay for your coffee and I pay for mine. Keep those lines of relational demarcation clearly marked.

Aside from morning devotion time with God – with or without coffee – He isn’t satisfied with a ‘meeting for coffee’ relationship.

He wants more. Much more.

He’s invited all of me (sans cell phone) to come and dine with all of Him.

That’s devotion. 

Best thing about authentic and on-going dates with God is, He’s paid the tab —two thousand years ago on a cross in Jerusalem. (Romans 6:23) It covers the cost for all who hear Him knock, invite Him in, and eat with Him.

For various reasons, I might choose to keep things on the shallow side in my earthly relationships, but God is having none of that where I’m concerned.

The very Creator of coffee beans I covet each day boldly knocks on the door of my heart and longs to romance my heart over a good, long meal. Any coffee we share is an added bonus to sweet fellowship.


In what ways do you keep relationships limited to meeting only for coffee?


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