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Seeking Rain.

The fruitful life seeks rain as well as sunshine.

Streams in the Desert.

Taking inventory of my prayer life, it occurred to me…my petitions tend toward what I want to see happen or to change, a petulant heart cry for that which pains or concerns me to come to a halt. 

Make no mistake. Scripture encourages fervent and persistent prayer.

Then Jesus told His disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.” Luke 18:1

You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest… Isaiah 62:6b

Crystal. Clear.

But occasionally I get a holy prod in my heart, the sweet face of Jesus gazing intently into my eyes.

Want fruit? Ask for rain.

The fruitful life seeks rain as well as sunshine. 

In the midst of a furious squall, waves breaking over the boat so that it was nearly swamped, Jesus rebuked the wind and waves as though they were merely domestic pets. “Quiet! Be still!” (Mark 4:39).

But who wants rain? 

What crazy prays for seasons of suffering, for things to heat up, for weather to worsen?

For difficulty, greater hardship, relentless disappointment?

I don’t. I haven’t. 

But I am learning to choose this.

If I desire a fruitful life – and I do – rain is essential.

A field or fruit tree won’t yield produce to feed me or my family or anyone else without a thorough dose if water.

Following a rainy season, God assures me sunshine will come. And for sunshine I can — and surely will — pray. Even large doses of it, if you please, Lord.

No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. Hebrews 12:11

In every season, soaked or dry, God is there. He is making good use of both the rain and the sun.

All worthwhile and eternal fruit originates with Him and springs from a soul that’s endured much rain.

Who will join me in seeking rain?


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