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The Last Thing You Say Might Be the Last Thing You Say.

Make the most of every chance you get. These are desperate times! Ephesians 5:16 (The Message)

I believe Apollo Creed had it right in Rocky III when he fired back at a grieving and exhausted Rocky Balboa who’d begged to put off training until tomorrow… “There is no tomorrow! There is no tomorrow!”

Here’s why.

I attended a graveside funeral yesterday, an exclusive invitation extended by the family to honor the life of a bedridden elderly man I’d cared for one morning a week for the past 7 and a half months.

Only a few weeks before, his 92 year old wife passed away. In short order, he chased after his bride. Grieved himself to death, as it were.

When I was at their house performing tasks, his wife engaged me in light conversation. Turned out, she taught English for many years and, so long as she could hitch a ride, still attended a monthly book club. (at her ripe old age!)

Being that I’d just released a book, she was enthralled and expressed interest in reading it. I offered to let her read my loaner copy. Her feedback would be invaluable. But then, a stroke whisked her from her home before she detoured to hospice and died early April.

Could I have hustled my book over to her, given her the pleasure of having read a few chapters before…

As for her husband, did I work hard enough to get a smile out of him or was I just…at work? Were the occasional whispers of the name of Jesus in his ear enough? Maybe I could have done this every time, said what needed to be said before it was too late.

So many things left unsaid…to both of them. Untimely death cheated me.

Or not.

I’d had seven and a half months to say plenty.

In this season of great loss we’re all experiencing, let’s make the most of every chance we get, say what needs to be said when prompted by God and to do so with utter humility.

What kind word, affirmation…or apology…might God be prompting you to say?

Today. Before the sun takes a dive.

We’re not promised tomorrow. (Right, Apollo?) And the last thing you say might be the last thing you say.


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