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When the Light Will Be the Brightest.

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.

John 8:12 (NIV)

The other day I received a text from a friend. In it, she shared an update on one of her young adult children who’s continued to struggle with addiction. She admitted that her daughter’s life is the darkest it has ever been but was quick to note…

That is when the light will be the brightest.

Anyone who’s ever used their cell or flashlight in a darkened room knows the impact of that light to guide their way through places they can not see otherwise.

Generally speaking, I dislike darkness, unless I’m enjoying a darkened movie theatre (pre-COVID) with a large bucket of popcorn or dinner out with my husband in a dimly lit restaurant.

Maybe because food makes darkness bearable?

First thing I do when I enter my office each morning is flip the wall switch and then turn on my desk lamp to illuminate the four shadowed corners of the room (For those counting, yes, there are five lamps in my office).

Then I shove the window treatments aside to welcome daylight and, if I’ve recently come upon a sale at Bath & Body Works, I light that three-wick scented candle as well.

In spiritual matters, my agenda is much the same: eliminate darkness.

All too quickly, I pray away pain and difficulty when the increased darkness of a matter could be the means by which God will enable me or others to know the source of light.


The darker the circumstances, the brighter the light. 

Light for light’s sake isn’t the point of darkness. As with my friend’s daughter, darkness serves good purpose. It points to our need for Jesus, the Light of the world.

Whoever follows Me (Jesus) will never walk in darkness. John 8:12

Unlike my ability to illuminate my office, there’s nothing I can do to force light into the heart of someone who’s living in darkness and hasn’t chosen to follow the Light of the world. But as I stay connected to the source of Light, I am better equipped to pray that light into their life. Maybe speak truth to those with ears to hear.

What’s your response to darkness, literal or spiritual? How do you pray for those whose life is in darkness?


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