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Nowhere Else To Go

Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.

We believe and know that you are the Holy One of God.

John 6:68-69

Peter's proclamation in John 6 rivals anything ever written in a Hallmark card. Because Jesus had just been deserted by many who felt His teaching was too hard and refused to accept it. But when he turned to the Twelve and challenged their willingness to stay, Peter doesn't hesitate to declare:

Lord, to whom shall we go?

Having just celebrated Valentine's Day—and with a good bit of love ❤️still on the brain—I believe that to be among the most honorable and loving statements Peter made to Jesus.

And ... it reminded me of a heated exchange with my husband during our early years of marriage which ended abruptly with his poignant statement:

“I have nowhere else to go.

Without elaborating on the intimacies of our conversation, we’d crashed into the unavoidable subject of ‘his needs, her needs’.

Suffice it to say, the two distinct genders heat up at vastly different rates. Per God’s unique design, a man is a microwave, and a woman is a crockpot.

But the core of our conflict wasn't even about that. It revolved around one essential truth. My husband's “I have nowhere else to go” plea communicated a deeply held belief. A sacrificial, God-honoring perspective not unlike the answer Peter gave Jesus.

“Lord, to whom shall we go?”

Because truth is, my husband does have plenty of people to whom he could go to find satisfaction and who could meet his needs.

So do I.

There are options. Endless ones—whether in marriage or at work, in any circumstance or relationship.

There are other publishers, readers, organizations … other scented candle shops … available to me.

But when alternatives woo and wink and wave me over, I am hemmed in by my conviction … To Whom shall I go?

In the truest sense, living out of this belief gives us the world. Because Jesus is all we need, the lifter of our head, the giver of joy and peace.

Our soul’s ultimate satisfaction.

Peter was impulsive, but he wasn't stupid. He knew he and his traveling buddies had the option to leave Jesus and follow another leader. They were free to return to their families and livelihoods. But in this moment, Peter proclaimed truth and exalted Jesus as the only way to experience what his heart needed.

The only way to fulfill his calling.

The only source of lasting satisfaction.

The word of eternal life, the holy one of God.

How about you? Is Jesus one good option or the only way?

In a world rife with alternatives, to whom or to what do you turn?

Thanks for reading!

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Katherine Pasour
Katherine Pasour
21 feb 2022

"Man is a microwave and woman is a crock pot." I've not heard that descriptor before, but I can definitely see how it fits. I recognize that men and women have vastly different traits (not just physical) and very different needs, particularly emotional needs. Your husband's poignant statement is a good example. But one thing for sure, no human can meet the needs of another, only our Savior can fulfill us completely with His light and love.

Mi piace
Mary A. Felkins
Mary A. Felkins
21 feb 2022
Risposta a

While it is my nature to find substitutes, God is too good to allow anything aside from him to satisfy. I appreciate your definitive reminder, particularly the filling of his Light because whether that light is on or off, it's evident on our countenance.

Mi piace

J.D. Wininger
J.D. Wininger
18 feb 2022

Well said Ms. Mary. I've long believed man is made with two holes in his soul. One is God-shaped and can only be filled by Him. The other, it is shaped while we were being formed in our mother's womb, is meant to be filled by that perfect helpmate that God predestined for our lives. Oh, many of us have tried to fill both those empty spots with others, but it never quite fits. They're far too loose, or overstuffed and can never hold it all, but until we find that perfect fit for our faith and our lives, we'll keep searching. Oh how I pray that now that I've found those two "perfect fits" for my life, that…

Mi piace
Mary A. Felkins
Mary A. Felkins
19 feb 2022
Risposta a

I'm grateful the Lord designed us in such a way that nothing else but Him will fill the holes the way He intended, but that He extends grace as we search in "all the wrong places" until we come to realize it. Thanks for your insight, JD!

Mi piace
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